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MovAide Network is FREE to join and it provides you moving JOBS

Welcome to MovAide Network.

1. We provide you with jobs not leads.

2. We are a collection of moving companies large and small nationally providing moving services for customers through movaide.com.

3. Unlike other website based brokers for movers, we allow you to charge for more services and equipment, which means more money in your pocket without the threat of account deactivation.

4. We match customers moving needs to the services you provide.

5. We send these request to you and other movers to accept on a first come first serve basis using the contact methods you choose, phone, text and/or email.

6. There is no penalty for rejecting an order prior to your acceptance of the job. 

7. You set your rates, service areas and the services you provide.

8. There’s no sign-up fees, no monthly fees or contracts.

9. We retain 15% per order.

10. You can opt out of this service anytime with no penalty.

11. Find more information in the MovAide Provider Agreement after registering. 

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