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MovAide Network is FREE to join and it provides you moving JOBS

Welcome to MovAide Network!

This network is a collection of moving companies large and small nationally providing LAST MINUTE moving services based on their availability.

It is 100% FREE to be a member of this network for MovAide!

You control your availability inside your MovAide Network Account.

When customers login to their MovAide account to find a Last Minute mover in your area, they will see a list of movers. If you are set to “available”, you will be in that list. The customer will see your company name, contact information, 2 or 3 hour minimum price and rating/reviews. They then are able to contact any company on their list to discuss if a provider can perform the moving services they require.

When a customer and your company reaches an agreement that is between you and the customer.

The customer pays you directly! We are NOT a broker! We are simply an real-time LAST MINUTE online directory! You DO NOT pay us a fee or percentage of any kind! It is 100% FREE for you to be in the network of providers for MovAide!

You can opt-out of this service at anytime without penalty!

ATTENTION: Please read the Terms of Service and MovAide Provider Agreement for more information during registration and accept to join the network.

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